"The pictures in the book were fantastic and the story was quite informative yet humorous--we loved it!”
Kate Kimsey, Teacher, St. CharlesMO
 “The photographs (some of the best I’ve seen in kids books) are the strength of My First Deer Hunt by brothers Curtis and Michael Waguespack.”
 Chicago Sun-Times
“[My first Deer Hunt] spawns exciting conversations with [kids] about the joys of hunting and the outdoors.”
Lou Grabow, President, Mid America Outdoors
“My First Deer Hunt is a wonderful book for any child interested in the outdoors. I love the fact that it is about the “hunt” and not the trophy at the end of the hunt. It shows that every trip to the woods when you can interact and watch the animals in their enviroment is a hunt!  There is nothing more enjoyable than experiencing time with a child in the outdoors.”
Crystal A. Frazee,
 “I think [My First Deer Hunt] is very well done with excellent photography and a wonderful story for youngsters. I have a daughter that is now 16 and she has hunted with me since she was four, so your book brings back a lot of really good memories.”
Dennis Gissell, Texas Parks & Wildlife
"What a lovely book! Words and photographs combine to produce a gentle and textured story in which the woods come to life for a young boy. While the text narrates a straightforward woods-walk in search of deer, the photos take the story to another level. In page after page, we see father and son together, sharing the day's adventure in a loving, tender and sometimes humorous way."
Katherine Ayres, Children's Author
"A delightful, educational, entertaining, and much needed work for introducing children to the world of the Whitetail deer!  This will be a wonderful addition to any home, public, or school library."  
Dr. Tom Rakow - Executive President of the Christian Deer Hunters Association, and author of Devotions for Hunters and Anglers
"The 25-page children's book is perfect for reading aloud to a young child or for a beginning reader to practice and gain an appreciation of hunting and wildlife at the same time."
Bright Idea Outdoors Weblog by Matt Coughlin
"I suppose the bottom line is whether or not I would buy the book and share it with my grandkids, as my own children are adults now. The answer is yes but with an explanation. As a parent, it is my decision what I teach my kid. I can present them with a book like this and then introduce them to the use of guns as I deem appropriate. This is certainly a tool I could use in getting my kids excited about hunting, especially in cases where hunting is not a long-time family tradition."
Black Bear Blog by Tom Remington